Enrollment/Motor Vehicles


SERVICES: The Enrollment Department provides the following services:

  • Assist and process applications for Enrollment
  • Assist in the printing of Tribal membership cards
  • Blood Degree Certifications (CDIB)
  • Relinquishment requests
  • Update address changes and name changes
  • Decendancy Certifications
  • Voter registration
  • Family genealogy

Motor Vehicles

The Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Motor Vehicle Division issues Titles and Registrations.  Tribal Members living within the jurisdiction of KBIC are eligible for these services as are businesses owned at least 51% by an enrolled member operating within the jurisdiction.


Dealerships frequently have questions as to the requirements of the Division.  The Motor Vehicle Code of the Tribe says that an application for a certificate of title must be made and accompanied by a Manufacturer’s or Importer’s Certificate of Origin for new vehicles or the current certificate of title on a used vehicle.  Without one or the other a new title will not be issued.  If there had been a secured interest on the vehicle there must be verification that the interest had been perfected.   Members complete the application in the office and the application will then be faxed to the Dealership to verify the purchase.  

There have also been questions regarding the tax exemption status of members for vehicle purchases.  KBIC does not charge their members a sales tax.  The current tax rate is 0%.  

All questions regarding Motor Vehicle Titling and Registration may be directed to Diana Chaudier, Director of Motor Vehicle and Enrollment.  (906) 353-6623 ext. 4111 or diana@kbic-nsn.gov

Licensing Fees